Omar Boraie Changes The Landscape Of New Brunswick With His Vision

Omar Boraie, the President of Boraie Development LLC., is described by NJ Biz across the New Brunswick as the person who changed the face of the city with a strong vision of infrastructure development, contribution to culture, and highly committed philanthropic activities. He believes it is his duty to change the landscape of the city, and its people as he inherited everything from there. With a strong motivation and quality service, he expanded the business beyond New Brunswick in the recent years. His Boraie Development has services including real estate development, property management, and sales and marketing. He has a number of world-class projects in commercial, residential, and retail arenas not only in New Brunswick but also in Milltown, Newark, Atlantic City and Montgomery.

Omar recollects how he transformed the city from the scratches. “When we started in the town in 1972, there were no one after 4 p.m., and we thought this is where we need to do something,” he still remembers those days. Many of his developmental projects including commercial projects such as Albany Street Plaza and 390 George Street and Residential projects such as The Aspire and One Spring Street have transformed the city to a real suburb of New York. For instance, the Albany Street Plaza tower one which is completed in 1988 added 250,000 square feet office space for the business community – a much-required infrastructure during those times. When the second tower completed in 2004, it added the capacity of the commercial space in the city significantly. Altogether, the towers have 20,000 square feet of retail space as well to address the shopping needs of the city.

Omar thought that the city needs to address its demand for quality residential apartments, and he built a 25-storey residential apartment called Spring Street Condominium in 2007. The apartment is the tallest building in New Brunswick, and it has 121 residential units. Additionally, it has 10,000 square feet of retail space and 40,000 square feet office space. Interestingly, his projects in other cities including Newark and Atlantic City also helped to improve the infrastructural needs of those cities. Be it the residential project The Beach at South Inlet in Atlantic City or One Rector Street in Newark, has provided the much need residential solutions for those cities up to an extent. Omar also constructed a 12 Screens movie theater in the city of Newark called Cityplex 12, to address the fun and entertainment needs of the city.

Apart from a highly successful real-estate developer, Omar is a philanthropist as well. He is very much interested in retaining the local culture, and to encourage the culture, Omar helped the renovation of State Theater of New Brunswick, and he contributes to bringing new events to the institution during the summer season. According to, he is serving on the advisory board of both State Theater, and Elijah’s Promise – a nonprofit organization that provides free food for hungry. He is also been part of many initiatives that are aimed to improve the educational level, access to quality food and water, healthcare needs, etc. of the city. He believes that by supporting the community only, he can make a change in the society that he dreams.

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