Keeping Inmates and Officers Safe with Securus Technologies

The reason it is so important to keep inmates safe is because as police officers, we are outnumbered 3:1 in our jail. If the inmates are not safe, we are not safe. If we were to allow the inmates to rule the jail, they would dole out their own type of justice, whether the inmate was guilty or not. If the inmates were to attack another based on what informants were to say, no one is safe in jail.


Our prison system has several procedures in place that make it safe for any inmate to move around without fear of attack, but that being said, if another inmate wants to cause harm, they will find a way. Trying to get informants to speak in jail is a problem because no one wants to be labeled a snitch, so we have to rely on other techniques to gather information between inmates.


We have surprise cell inspections daily, but many times the weapons being hidden are placed in the yard or a location where an attack may take place, and we just do not have the resources to be able to inspect every inch of the prion on a daily basis. To help, we recently contacted Securus Technologies to help us improve the inmate communication system we already had in place.


Once the system was in place, I was trained on the LBS software, and it immediately began to bear fruit. There was word coming down from the leader of one gang to his soldiers that a top member of a rival gang was to be attacked during a game of basketball tomorrow. Our team got the information thanks to the LBS software, and were able to thwart the attack without the gang even realizing how we caught on. We all are safer now that we have the system up and running.


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