Honest Reviews of Securus Technologies Services

A lot of times when I associate prisons and crime, I think that the crime happens outside of prison walls and then once on the inside the inmates are “doing their time.” An article in PR Newswrite from Securus Technologies opened my eyes as to how much crime and damage can happen behind bars. I didn’t even realize that a smartphone is a contraband device, but after doing some research on the solutions Securus Technologies offers I realized the damage that could be done when a cell phone is brought into prison.


Among its other offerings like providing inmates with access to calling solutions for their friends and families, Securus Technologies has a cell defender program that can locate a contraband mobile phone and disable the WiFi, keeping inmates from connecting to the outside world via the internet. They also have a program that seeks out these mobile phones and locates them, all remotely.


The article featured some snippets from facilities that used Securus Technologies and the company got rave reviews! People shared real circumstances including:


  • The fact that call monitoring allows correctional facilities to conduct more fair reviews when there is a report of harassment by a staff member or otherwise
  • Monitored calls were used in a real shooting case after an inmate was caught on time trying to get a fake alibi from a sibling. These monitored calls were used in his trial to help put a shooter away for good.
  • Location Based Tracking services helped a police department find and recover over a million dollars in stolen cash, guns, drugs and illegal substances.


These reviews were instrumental in ensuring me that the companies, like Securus Technologies, that provide security in our prisons are keeping a competitive edge over inmates who attempt to do wrong while behind bars.


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