Richard Marvin Dick DeVos Jr

Richard Marvin Dick DeVos Jr, the 11th United States Secretary of Education, was born in 1955 in Michigan. He received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Northwood University and later served as the CEO of Amway, a company co-founded by his father, for nine years. As the reformist he is, in 2006 he was the Republican nominee for governorship in Michigan.



When it comes to business, DeVoses look for innovative solutions to problems faced by the society. In 1989, Dick together with his lovely wife, Betsy DeVos, founded the Windquest Group, a company that invests in clean energy, technology and manufacturing. He is a strong advocate of the education-choice movement and tries his best to assist in the matter. When Dick’s children were of school-age, he, together with his wife, visited the Potter’s House Christian School where he interacted with parents who were doing their very best to provide their children with the best education. Seeing these families struggle to pay tuition, they started supporting students individually, and are still great supporters of the Potter’s House to date. His interactions with these families was an eye opener for him and he wanted to give those parents the privilege of choosing where to school their kids. He was so committed that he ran for State Board of Education and was elected in 1990. Mr. and Mrs. DeVos later started a foundation which gave scholarships to low-income families but later on, they realized that this was not going to address the real issue.



Dick and his wife used their political involvement to aid in expanding the educational choice movement and in 1993, he helped pass Michigan’s first charter school. Later, Dick and the late John Walton started a political organization called All Children Matter which educated the public about the importance of education choice. This bore the American Federation of Children, a more organized body that would yield better results. Florida has been one of his biggest achievements, with over 50,000 students attending the school of their choice because of the tax-credit scholarship program. There have been major advances in Indiana and Louisiana as well.



Dick is also a pilot. He combined his love for education and his love for flying and started a charter high school, the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


His dream is that all parents get the opportunity to choose the best educational setting for their children, regardless of their zip code.


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