The U.S Money Reserve Joins The ADRN In Saving Dallas From Hurricane Harvey

For the prominent U.S Money Reserve, Hurricane Harvey has been detrimental to some of its closest associates. The destructive storm that hit through Texas and the entire Gulf Coast affected the employees and customers of the U.S Money Reserve. The firm was formed in Austin, Texas. Its main office is in Texas as well. Aside from that, the company has branches in Lumberton in addition to Beaumont. The decision to partner with the ADRN, known as the Austin Disaster Network of Relief, is a direct move towards helping the survivors of the hurricane. Learn more:


Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey was nicknamed after the ‘’500-year-flood’’. The naming roots from its devastating impact on property. Coupled with enormous rainfall, this natural calamity has approximately 50 inches of hard rainfall in most of the places it has affected. The hurricane has the ability to transform cities and roads into rivers. Part of its destruction involved the death of approximately, 39 people and damage to land in addition to property. As the Hurricane Harvey proceeded, the water was retained. As if that was not entirely devastating, the retained water harbored a cocktail of precarious chemicals, debris in addition to wastes. Learn more:


The fund-raiser project


Consequently, those who were lucky to escape the storm came to the rescue of those who were affected. Schools were open to serve free meals to the affected children as shop owners gave up their stores as shelters. In addition to the support offered by civilians, world non-profit organizations came forward with the objective of saving the affected from this devastating situation. Among them were ADRN and the U.S Money Reserve. The major activities of this partnership are repairing the houses of the victims and helping fund the long-term projects. Through these organizations, there has been the collection of supplies and foods; all with the intention to develop the affected communities. U.S Money Reserve is joining hands with the Austin Disaster for Relief Network to organize a fundraiser dubbed saving the victims of Hurricane Harvey. It is a project that will see to it that donations made through YouCaring are utilized by these people.


The conclusion


Founded in 2001, U.S Money Reserve has been a qualified guide to customers who seek to purchase precious coins. Presently, the company has over 400,000 satisfied clients. These clients have benefited from the company’s distinctive expertise in coin research and the identification of the leading products in the market.