Lime Crime’s Doe Deere Gives an Interview About Her Humble Beginnings

Doe Deere, the “Queen of Unicorns,” and leader of Lime Crime decided to sit down and give an honest interview recently. She is known for her love of vibrant colors and everything vegan. Lime Crime is perhaps one of the most popular cosmetic brands to promise its base vegan-friendly cosmetics. Deere understood just how important this Lime Crime’s Doe Deere Gives an Interview About Her Humble Beginnings for people and decided to create a line that would satisfy this need.

Deere was asked about her childhood, which started back in Russia where she was born and raised. She left home at the tender age of 17 and moved to the United States. Deere landed in New York City, so she really got to experience life in the big city as soon as she came to the United States. There, she grew up and dreamed of becoming a musician like many other New Yorkers dream about. Deere was committed to this dream, but it was not the dream that catapulted success though she was not thinking of makeup at the time.

Still, attempting to be a musician taught her a lot about business. She learned to market herself and understood how important it is to cater to fans. Some would say that being a musician was her first state in business though she did mention that she sold temporary tattoos when she was 13 back in Russia, but Deere said those tattoos sold themselves.

New York City was her home from 1998 to 2012 though she did move around a lot as a musician. She lived in Brooklyn for some time as well as other communities in this great big city before moving toward Los Angeles where she currently lives. Deere met a young man while she was attempting to be a musician. This man was part of her band and helped her promote. It did not take long to see how well they worked together, which led to a romance that would later become a marriage. To this day, she feels very happy about meeting a man who understood her creativity and works so well with her.

Deere was asked what she believes is good advice for women who are as ambitious as her. She did not have a clear answer since Deere was not too ambitious herself. All she was doing was finding ways to do the things that made her happy. At the beginning, it was music and then she turned to makeup. Deere ended up saying the best thing an ambitious woman can do is follow her dreams and believe in those dreams wholeheartedly. Learn more:

Deere’s facinating career started back in 2008. At that time she started to feel like the makeup world simply did not satisfy her creativity. She wanted stronger and bolder colors, yet the industry did not really sell those. The makeup industry liked to stick to colors that were natural rather than bold. She decided to make her own and, to her surprise, other people loved the colors she was coming up with. Lime Crime was born out of ingenuity and love, not to mention hundreds of women who were captured by Deere’s visionary makeup line.