Alexandre Gama’s Successful Agency

Alexandre Gama is a successful entrepreneur that was born in Rio de Janeiro on June 1, 1958. Gama is most known for his work in advertising. Before working in advertising, he received his education in advertising and began working as a writer. While working as a writer, Alexandre Gama was so good that he is the most award Brazilian writer. He became a copywriter and then began working as an advertiser. Alexandre Gama has received a significant amount of recognition and opportunities for his work as an advertiser. He is responsible for creating an advertising agency called Neogama. Neogama earned a Lion award in one year of operation. In three years Neogama became one of the top twenty advertising agencies in Brazil. In 2002 Neogama was named the Agency of the Year. Alexandre Gama and his company Neogama continues to progress through hard work, determination, and dedication in Brazil’s advertising.