Tony Petrello helps Houston Hurricane victims

Recently, when Hurricane Harvey hit parts of the United States, especially Houston, Texas, the business community in the area came together to support the people who were affected by the hurricane. One of the companies that came out strongly to support the community was Nabors industries, a drilling firm based in Texas. When Hurricane Harvey hit the area, it left a lot of destruction in the area. The roads were impassable, houses were destroyed, and basically, important infrastructure such as water and electricity supplies were cut short. In the wake of this disaster, there was the need for support to be given to the Houston Community. Nabors industries came in here. They were among the first companies that responded swiftly to pleas for support.

Tony Petrello heads Nabors Industries. He is the CEO of the drilling firm. He is a man who has a long history of engaging in philanthropy. He has been one of the most generous people from the state. He has previously contributed to the establishment of the first neurological support center in the country. When Hurricane Harvey happened, he was concerned as one of the residents of the area. He pledged to support the people affected at both personal levels as well as through the company he leads.

Tony Petrello deployed his employees to assist in the rescue mission. Any willing worker was sent out on a paid leave. The workers contributed money to assist in the supply of basic requirements such as food and clean water. Also, they set up a location where they could prepare hot food for those who were being rescued. On the part of Tony Petrello, he pledged to make a personal contribution amounting to the amount his employees would manage to raise. The employees raise about $173,000 an amount which he also contributed.

It is not the first initiative for Nabors industries. They have been involved in other philanthropic missions before as a company. Nabors is involved in both direct and indirect charitable activities. It has been contributing money to relief organizations while also giving direct funding to personalities in the state especially those in need of educational scholarships. The spirit of contributions through charitable activities is something that has been created and enforced by the current CEO Anthony Petrello.

About Antony Petrello, How Tony Petrello Helped Houston With Hurricane Harvey Relief

Apart from being the CEO of the biggest drilling firm in the country, Tony Petrello has been brought up in a very challenging environment. He is a product of charity. He was born from a humble background and only managed to get a good education through fully sponsored scholarship by the Yale University. The Real Story Behind Anthony Petrello’s Success as CEO of Nabors Industries

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