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Unless you are living under a rock, you are familiar with Doe Deere, the Queen of Unicorns. She is the CEO and Founder of the vegan cosmetics line, Lime Crime, and is known for her many mystical makeup looks.


But just how did Deere go from being a young girl in her hometown of Russia to a well-admired, successful businesswoman?


One step at a time, that’s how.


Rome wasn’t built in a day. Likewise, Deere’s business did not become the force it is today overnight.


It took careful planning.


A Chain is Only as Strong as its Weakest Link. Choose Your Chain Wisely.

Just what did Deere have to plan out, however? Her team, for one. She remarks that choosing the right chemists was one of the hardest choices she’s ever had to make for her business.


Not only did she have to find people who could do the job well, she also had to find chemists with whom she had chemistry – no pun intended.


When you’re working closely with someone and sharing all of your business plans, you want to be sure that these are people who share the same vision as you and support you 100%.


Deere has no doubt that she found just the right chemists for the job.


So You’ve Got a Product. Now Get It in Front of Customers!

So she has created great products, but how will she market them well?


By making sure her products – the makeup – look good.


Deere ensures that her products look their best by using an app. Facetune is her app of choice, and while the app isn’t free, it’s true that you get what you pay for.


When it comes to Lime Crime, Doe says that Facetune is one of the best business decisions she’s ever made. Although makeup can make one appear pretty much flawless, no image is without photo shop.


Facetune eliminates all skin blemishes and whitens teeth when those pearly whites just can’t pass the tissue test.


What Should the Queen Name her Company?

A final base that Deere was sure to cover in perfecting her business was choosing the right name.


How do you go about choosing the right name? By remaining true to who you are as a person.


Deere has always been a girl into fairy tales, and she wanted her business to reflect that interest.


At this point, she knew what type of company she wanted – a mystical one. Now she only needed a name that would go along with the theme.


Like all good entrepreneurs who invest time and energy into their businesses, Deere spent a bit of time brainstorming the perfect name for her cosmetics line.


After some time, she decided on Lime Crime and hasn’t looked back since.


Deere’s hope for her company is that every woman who tries out Lime Crime doesn’t look back.


Lime Crime is constantly growing, and there are enough beauty products for every woman to become a beautiful part of Team Unicorn.


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