The Renowned Louis Chenevert

The success of Louis Chenevert is a story that every potential billionaire knows. He is among the legends of the investment world. What makes Louis Chenevert special is his patience in success, his creativity and focus on his duties. He has had his hand on more than 50 conglomerates, which ended up very successful through his intelligence and advice. Throughout the world, many investors are applying his mechanisms in running their businesses, and they have proved very successful.

Louis Chenevert studied Production Management in HEC Montreal. After school, he was employed at General Motors where he worked for 14 years. Later in 1993, he was hired by an engine manufacturing company: Pratt & Whitney, a branch of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Here he worked for six years before being promoted to the President of the Company. In 2006, UTC nominated Louis as the CEO of the company. The legacy that he left in the firm is what has led to many studying Louis Chenevert.

Louis Chenevert is a futurist and led UTC to invest in future technology. In fact, one of the most exciting trends according to Louis Chenevert is technology and how it is accelerating the momentum of the firms to the future. Louis Chenevert theory of investing in high innovation future technology to save the future of the USA was valid because UTC is speculated to have the ability to employ 25000 more employees in the future.

The one habit that has led to the success of Louis Chenevert is his focus. He says that ignoring the internal politics and the people who are always against the agenda is always a good place to start. He also adds that one has to be optimistic and be passionate about what they are doing. Those are among the top factors that contributed to who he is today.

The one thing that Louis would advise young business people to do is to choose the right team to work in their firms. The second thing is investing in the group and inspiring them. It is only through cooperation that goals are achieved.

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