Desiree Perez Behind the Scenes

The excellence of Jay-Z as a businessman is punctuated by the people that he keeps around him. He has rattled off the name of many business partners that are male and rap songs, but there is one business partner that very seldom gets accolades that are given to men that are part of his team.

The men that Jay-Z has mentioned in his rhymes are childhood buddies that have become business acquaintances. Desiree Perez, however, is a woman that is a longtime business partner and the wife of one of his closest friends. Desiree Perez may not show up on the roster for the various childhood friends that he shouts out in rhymes, but she is a huge part of the circle of influence that keeps Jay-Z aware of various business opportunities.

There are certainly people that want to know more about what Jay-Z is doing when it comes to his the business ventures that he is engaging in. Desiree Perez is someone that has always been much more behind-the-scenes, but she has worked with Jay-Z when it comes to Tidal, Roc Nation Sports, Live streaming with Live Nation and Roc Nation Entertainment. All of these are areas where Jay-Z has been able to build a whole lot of business opportunity.

Desiree Perez has been someone to help him do these things. She has managed to provide great insight, and she has negotiated contracts that Jay Z may have never been able to fulfill without her help.

Perez is a masterful businesswoman that has been recognized by Billboard for all of these things. She has shown herself to be a great woman that can lead as well as follow. These are the attributes that have made her highly profitable as a negotiator. She knows when she can push for more.

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