The Chainsmokers Sick Boy Dominating the Airwaves

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart officially made it at the Billboard charts as the first DJ and Dance Artist. With diversity in the Billboard charts, The Chainsmokers have made it in with a rare combination of DJ and Dance Artist. Recently they hit the top of Billboard New Dance list. The number of fans that they are amassing is seemingly amazing.

New single Sick Boy skyrockets

In January 2018, hardly three weeks into the New Year, they sure did not disappoint their fans when they dropped a new dance-rock track called Sick Boy. The reception has been nothing short of what they expected. The release of Sick Boy has quenched a little of the never-ending thirst for the sound of Chainsmokers by their fans. The track carries a somewhat provocative title and at the same time, it is a feisty dance rock track. The track comes hardly a year after the release of their album Memories. Do Not Open which featured two hit singles, one that was a collaboration with Coldplay called Something Just Like This and one that they did solely as Chainsmokers called Paris. Paris, a forbidden love Rock song was leading the airwaves in Top 40 radio. Something Just like this was also doing extremely well with over 996 million viewers on youtube. The animated, well thought out the video was also a factor that drove up the views.

In contrary to their previous hits, Sick Boy is seemingly darker compared to other tracks. Having been the year opening track, it was released in nine months. The Chainsmokers explained that it was a reflection of the society right now as their inspiration is from a daily basis experience and generally what is going on around them.

Chainsmokers are putting in work in order to relate to each other and to their fans as precisely as they possibly can, while at the same time making stories that are expressive to their audience. Sick Boy expresses a type of darkness that most people can relate to. Most people have experienced being successful in conditions that were rather awful which is what Sick Boy is about. Looking at the energy they started within 2018, it looks like the Chainsmokers are just getting started and their fans can anticipate better and definitely more feisty tracks.