Roberto Santiago  Changing the Dynamics of Entertainment Scene in Joao Pessoa with Manaira Shopping Mall

The economy of Brazil has been growing at a rapid pace, and this has called for rapid modernization of the country, even in the retail and entertainment sector. Roberto Santiago is a popular name in the entertainment and real estate sector in Brazil and has made a considerable contribution in the last few years, primarily by developing the Mangabeira Shopping Mall and Manaira Shopping Mall. These two malls by Roberto Santiago are two of the biggest in the country and are loaded with the modern and urban facilities and features that people look for these days. The Manaira Shopping Mall is the biggest in its state and is famous not only in the state of Paraiba but all over the country for its size and structure. Spread across the area of 135,000 square meters, Manaira Shopping Mall has the parking capacity for around 3,000 vehicles, which speaks for itself.


The Manaira Shopping Mall is a famous hanging out destination in the city for the kids as well as the adults. The city has always wanted a place for the local people as well as the tourists to hang out and experience international shopping and entertainment experience. It is what Roberto Santiago discovered and built two of the most magnificent shopping malls in the country by the name of Mangabeira Shopping Mall and Manaira Shopping Mall. The Manaira Shopping Mall is the latest of the two shopping malls that he has developed. The mall is a massive addition to the city regarding shopping and entertainment and has been in made to match the style and elegance of the international malls in the West so that the locals can enjoy the world-class experience here at home in the city of Joao Pessoa. Manaira Shopping Mall has the huge parking space for more than 3,000 cars. The Manaira Shopping Mall also has school, bank, multi-gym, kids’ zone, and much more.


The Manaira Shopping Mall provides one of the best movie-watching experiences in Brazil and has eight screens with three of them equipped with the latest 3D technology and Digital Dolby surround to give the moviegoers with immersive and unreal movie watching experience. As far as shopping is concerned, Roberto Santiago has managed to bring some of the best international brands in the city. It is what has made the Manaira Shopping Mall a shopper’s paradise. Many sales take place at the mall from time to time, which helps the shoppers get maximum benefit from their shopping experience at the Manaira Shopping Mall.


Roberto Santiago has also ensured that Manaira Shopping Mall provides the visitors with the best culinary experience, and has a food court as well as the separate space with some excellent dining restaurants. Whether you are looking for authentic Brazilian food or want to experience continental or Indian dishes, rest assured that the food court and the number of restaurants here would cater to your specific needs perfectly. The Capital Steakhouse is one of the most popular restaurants at Manaira Shopping Mall, and also the first one to open in the mall.