Lacey and Larkin speak out after the pardon of Joe Arpaio

The pardon of Joe Arpaio is one of the controversial presidential pardons in the history. President Trump took the move few months after taking over the office. It is one of the earliest presidential pardons to have ever been given by a president of the United States. Most presidents wait until the last days of their terms to give a presidential pardon.

For Trump, he did not wait even for a single year to pass; he pardoned a rogue officer who used the powers placed in his office to break the law and support violations of the rights of numerous people in the united states. Joe Arpaio was the sheriff of Maricopa County for 24 years. In this period, he ruled the county with an iron-fist. He had zero tolerance for illegal immigration in the county. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Maricopa is one of the counties that had a very high number of Latinos. The natives felt like the immigrants were taking over their land and this is when they decided to act with disregard for the law, he decided to start a movement that would see all illegal immigrants in the country removed forcefully.

In doing so, there were many cases of human and civil rights violations that happened. These are the violations which he is held culpable of. His conduct as the sheriff of Maricopa County put him in the spotlight for going against the rights of the human beings to live freely without being discriminated upon. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Joe Arpaio treatment of the immigrant community was so bad that many of them even lost live in concentration camps which he had established. The concentration camps were opened against the law. In fact. Arpaio used them after channeling money that was meant for proper jails to other projects.

Joe Arpaio ensured that the immigrants received as little as possible from the resources meant for the Americans. The concentration camps were suffering camps. There was lack of supply for basic human needs as well as medical care.

Pregnant women would die while giving birth as they were chained to their beds. These are some of the cases which can be said of the Sheriff. There are numerous others which occurred. For the president to give pardon to someone behind such atrocities, justice was defeated. Although president Trump is known to support the sentiments and actions of Joe Arpaio, the gesture was not right coming from a newly elected president.

Joe Arpaio was also against the implementation of the First Amendment. He wanted to control almost everything that was happening in the country. He treated the right of the people to have an opinion about issues lightly. One of the incidents that saw his adherence to the First Amendment tested was the case of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

These two were journalists in 2007 when Arpaio ordered for their arrest because they had published a story about a grand subpoena involving him.

He had them arrested in the middle of the night and tortured in one of the concentration camps. They were released the following day after public pressure demanding for their release.