Rocketship Education: Revolutionizing the Educational System in America

Rocketship Education system is a network of 18 public schools across the United States that offers an alternative learning option for less fortunate families. The school system was launched in 2007, and through the years, they proved that they could ace the national tests, and they posted one of the highest scores in the whole United States. The school system has a different culture compared to other schools in the country, and it is because of the way the management wanted the children to gain knowledge. Rocketship Education targets the children’s talents and skills, developing them for a better career in the future.

Every morning, students of the Rocketship Education schools are engaged in singing and dancing. They are also memorizing their school creed, a statement that would make them successful individuals. The program done every morning is called the “Launch,” and it gives the children a chance to have fun. The school is also enforcing a uniform for the students because they wanted them to look neat. The children and their teachers are also developing a strong relationship, and every fall, the teachers are required to visit their students in their homes to see how they are doing with their parents. Through this approach, the teacher could understand how he or she could teach the children and develop new methods that would help the students learn better.

The school’s core values center on respect, empathy, responsibility, and persistence. The school management believes that learning these values at a younger age would make the students a role model when they grow up. Because of the positive values that the student learn inside the schools, parents from other states started to petition the creation of Rocketship Education schools in their areas. Milwaukee and Tennessee are two of the states who were chosen where the next school will be built, because of the strong request from the parents to have an alternative learning option for the students living in these two states. Children from over 15 countries also prefer enrolling at Rocketship Education schools because of their stand regarding the migrant community – the school welcomes them and tolerates all kinds of bullying.