Investors Who Are Successful In Brazil Follow Igor Cornelsen’s Investment Tips

Brazil is the gentle giant of South America. Brazil is an investors paradise when the economy isn’t in a recession. And when the political atmosphere in Brazil is not as turbulent as it can be during economic downturns, knowledgeable investors make money investing in Brazilian assets.

But being a knowledgeable investor in Brazil isn’t easy. Most foreign investors need help picking the right startups that can produce healthy returns. Investors need local information and getting accurate information about assets in Brazil can be a challenge unless Igor Cornelsen is part of their investment strategy. Igor Cornelsen knows the banking industry like the back of his hand. He is one of the investment specialists who doesn’t miss a good startup when he sees one.

At first glance, Igor Cornelsen doesn’t seem to be a knowledgeable investment strategist. He lives in South Florida, and he plays golf every chance he gets. But when he’s not on the golf course, he is managing investment strategies through his boutique investment firm, Bainbridge Investments. The former bank executive still has his banking connections in place in Brazil. He worked for Unibanco, Libra Bank, and Multibanco in various executive roles and as an investment strategist before he retired.

Igor Cornelsen like to give his clients the investment tips he uses to turn a profit in Brazil. The first tip he gives his clients is an easy one. He tells them to get to know the locals. Brazilians like to share investment information. The next tip is to expect the unexpected. Brazil is a volatile market. The market is constantly changing due to political and economic glitches. And his third tip is to understand the currency market in Brazil. There are three rates of exchange and the rates change every day. The Central Bank changes the commercial rate frequently, according to Cornelsen.