Many Families Get Financial Help from Infinity Group Australia

Insights from the Infinity Group Director Graeme Holm on his training on Finance.

Graeme Holm prides himself to have worked on the Australian Banking sector for 17 years. He has a great experience in areas of finance, planning finance, and real estate. He worked for a decade in the banking sector, having worked on different banks in Australia. He was however frustrated after working in the banking sector after realizing that he offered the same brands of products and services all the time. Graeme was moved further on the realization that most people in Australia were not happy with the quality of services they were receiving from their banks directly. This is where he got his inspiration and started a company of his own. He started his company, the Infinity Group Australia Pty Ltd with an aim to change financial challenges that Australians faced.


What is the new idea that you have created? What is its origin?

We have brought the idea of guiding people on loans that are already ongoing. This is because we realized that most clients in the Australian loan field live on paying one check after another and are only able to contribute a minimum loan recovery after a term of 30 years. When you have a financial coach, you will be able to account for budgets, expenses and distinguish between needs and wants. Many of our customers have reported a decrease in the principal loan within the first 90 days as compared to the old normal banking structures.


How are the borrowers reacting to the Infinity’s Approach?

From the Infinity Group Australia reviews, most borrowers love it. This is because they can enjoy their freedom together with their friends and families as their issues are taken care of. This eliminates all the stress. However it is a challenge to some people who like to have finances on their hands, they have to adjust, and they only see the benefits after three months when they realize they have been able to cover a large loan payment than they had covered for the last 12 months. Infinity Group Australia reviews also indicate that most of the customers of the company are satisfied with the services that they get, especially on the debt management. As a result, the company has received a lot of positive reviews and also increased its clientele through the word of mouth marketing from their happy customers. Learn more :