Carmalagne Tha God Reviews Eminem’s New Effort


Charlamagne Tha God is an American television personality and radio presenter. Charlamagne Tha God is most known for co-hosting The Breakfast Club, a syndicated radio show, and for his role in shows like Guy Code, Girl Code, and Guy Court. In a recent interview he talked about the new Eminem album, as the rapper mentioned him in a couple of songs.


Eminem’s album Kamikaze dropped unannounced at the end of August, and garnered an amount of controversy as a result of its diss tracks and homophobic slurs. Two of the tracks on the album, The Ringer and Fall, mention Charlamagne Tha God. Charlamagne Tha God has been critical of Eminem’s last effort, Revival, and in the new tracks Eminem anticipates harsh reviews from him.


Charlmagne mentions that he is happy to get his name mentioned by rappers who can actually rap. Despite the diss tracks he considers Kamikaze to be a good album. In the radio presenter’s opinion, Eminem knew as well that his last album was not good, hence his decision to release Kamikaze without promoting it beforehand. He still considers Eminem to be one of the greatest lyricists ever, and despite the fact that he can’t relate to the rapper’s experiences and world views, he still acknowledges him as one of the greatest MC’s.


In regards to Eminem’s political takes, Charlmagne likes the way he approached them, and considers his political rants to be more organic, as opposed to the last album where they seemed forced. He thinks Eminem is reflecting the times, and he mentions liking when white people use their privilege for combating prejudice.


In regards to the homophobic slurs addressed at rapper Tyler The Creator, Charlamagne notes that he is in fact quoting something that Tyler said about himself. Charlamagne notes that freedom of speech gives him the freedom to express himself, but it also gives people freedom to be offended, and he would like to hear how hip-hop fans that are members of the LGBT community react to the line in his song. Many musicians and critics objection to the use the homophobic slur by the rapper.


Aside from being a social media influencer and a radio host, Charlamagne also authored a number of books. Refer to This Page for related information about Charlamagne’s books.