Roseann Bennett Makes Use Of Canine Assisted Therapy


Roseann Bennett has been providing her services as a therapist in New Jersey for more than a decade. At the onset of her career, she started out as an in-home therapist. After some time, she decided to offer outpatient therapy services.

After working as a therapist for a few years, Roseann Bennett realized that some patients were unable to access her in-home therapy treatment because of financial constraints since outpatient services are more affordable as compared to inpatient services. Roseann Bennett also created the Center for Assessment and Treatment. The organization’s primary purpose was to ensure that people had access to counseling services despite their race or financial situation.

Roseann Bennett’s husband Todd also took part in the establishment of the organization. Additionally, the Center for Assessment and Treatment does not rely on funds from elsewhere. For the time that the organization has been functional, Roseann Bennett has been funding the Center for Treatment and Assessment on her own. By doing so, the Center for Assessment and Treatment has been running smoothly without any interference from the general public.

As a therapist, Roseann Bennett is conversant with the various treatment techniques that have proved to be successful with time. One of the therapeutic techniques that have been developed lately and of which is incorporated by Bennett in the Center, is the Canine Assisted Therapy. Animals have assisting humans with many tasks over the years. For instance, dogs have been providing security, and they have also been termed as man’s best friend. Dogs have also been used as service dogs whereby the dogs offer assistance to individuals who are financially handicapped. Visit This Page for more information.

Therapists such as Roseann Bennett know the potential that lies in Canine Assisted Therapy. While in the line of duty, Roseann Bennett makes use of Jack (a therapy dog). Many forms of research have been conducted over the years, and Roseann Bennett is hopeful that Canine Assisted Therapy will yield positive results with time.