How Organo Gold Was Started

Organo Gold is an international company that is headquartered in Canada. The firm was founded by one of the coffee lovers in Canada who felt that people could benefit more when they are enjoying a cup of their favorite drink. The company operates by working with a special network of distributors who are responsible for marketing the company premium coffee products. Although the company has been operational for just a decade, it is almost capturing a good percentage of the global coffee sells in the market. Apart from giving the best coffee to the consumers, the company has also been offering the international community nutraceuticals, different types of teas and other personal care products that have been certified. The secret ingredient that has changed the fate of this large company remains to be a mushroom known as Ganoderma.

Bernado Chua had a vision of making the people who loved his coffee healthier. The businessman did some research about the products he could use before settling on the Chinese herb. Chua was raised in the traditional setting, and his guardians taught him different ways of dealing with diseases. The businessman used the set of skills he got when growing up to make a difference in the world where many medical conditions have resulted to many deaths. Bernado Chua is always proud because his products have antioxidants that help to cure and also prevent several diseases. The products have a great source of immune boosting substances that have cured people for many generations.

The competition in the coffee market is alarming. There are many upcoming companies that promise consumers great coffee, but they end up offering just the ordinary products people are used to having. Organo Gold and its founder has set up the standards higher in this industry by making people enjoy a cup of coffee while still curing the diseases in the body.