Steve Ritchie’s Comprehensive and Well-Crafted Apology

As Papa John’s was drowning in a sea of controversy, Steve Ritchie, the company’s Chief Executive Officer since January 2018, straight-up apologizes for the events that gave rise to the controversy by saying “I’m sorry.” Steve Ritchie also expressed his genuine empathy to those who were either hurt or offended, or both, upon learning about those controversy-creating events. Steve Ritchie further denounces those events intolerable behavior and stated that they are not representative of the all-American values held by the people at Papa John’s, which is a company made up of well over 120,000 people, nationally and globally. According to Steve Ritchie a far better representative of views and values held by Papa John’s is the people who makes the pizza, who delivers the pizza, and who owns and operates the Papa John’s franchises.

It is no doubt a very smart move on the part of Steve Ritchie to apologize to Papa John’s customer in the direct and unequivocal manner in which the apology was made. To make an apology in a different manner would have not produce the desired result and may even have further alienated the customers. It is equally a wise decision on the part of Steve Ritchie (@stevemritchie) to show his humanity by empathizing with those customers who were hurt or offended by the controversy-creating events. It was also smart for Steve Ritchie to denounce and distance the company from those hurtful and offensive conduct. Given the fact that Steve Ritchie is the CEO of a company that does business in the service sector, where customers are of existential importance, his issuance of his apology to the customers was roundly the right move to make under the circumstances in which he found himself in. In the information written on, it says that the comprehensive apologetic letter issued by Steve Ritchie also included an expression of sincere gratitude to Papa John’s customers for their loyalty to the company and for making the Papa John’s pizza brand the success that it has become as well as the detailing of several actions the company intend to execute to demonstrate to their customers their commitment to being a diverse and inclusive company.

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