George Street Photo and Video Takes the Cake in Chicago

If you are looking for an experienced, nation-wide photographer to come to your wedding, then consider George Street Photo and Video. In Chicago, Illinois their photography portfolio includes photos aboard a ship named Chicago’s First Lady, a reception at the Chicago History Museum, as well as the trendy and classic restaurant called River Roast. George Street Photo and Video will capture all of the time, effort, and energy that you have put into making your wedding represent the love you have for your spouse.

There are many special places to have your wedding and reception in Chicago, Illinois. On the boat, in a restaurant, on a rooftop, or in an old church. Your photos will look beautiful, classic and unique with George Street Photo and Video.

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Need an Event Planner? Here’s where to start.

If you’re looking to hire an event planner, these are some steps you should follow. First, think about what your event objective is. It’s important to know why you are holding the event to better help you and the planner to be on the same page. Next, ask yourself why you want to hire an event planner. Determine the role you expect your event planner to partake in your event.


Once you have that figured out, began estimating your budget. After brainstorming those questions, you can begin your search for a qualified event planner.

One of the most highly reputable event planning companies New York is Twenty Three Layers.

The event planners NYC, Twenty Three layers is a full-service event planning and design firm. The company is dedicated to delivering you an unforgettable event. They emphasize a “worry-free, fun and unmatched experience”, ensuring that they always provide top notch customer satisfaction.


From venue selection to catering and all the way down to the entertainment. Need an event planner for your wedding? Twenty Three Layers offers high-quality photography. Do you have your own brand? They can help with that also. They also offer floral design, lighting, production, fabrication, custom printing and styling. They even host workshops!


Their clients are raving about the great service they have received. One client said, “There’s no limit to their creativity.” Another client says The Twenty Three Layers team created the most beautiful and memorable bridal shower she’s ever attended. Are you still not convinced? Take a look at their website and search through the gallery and testimonials.