The Nightly Pampering Routine Of Kim Dao

Kim Dao is a professional YouTuber who is known for her unique videos about makeup and skin care. She is always at the top of her game and coming up with new ways to help her fans look and feel their best. She is a striving artist with tons of people who watch out for her videos very often. Kim Dao is an inspiring woman who loves what she does and strives to accomplish so much with what she can offer. Kim Dao is always striving to accomplish more in this business, and she continues to deliver unique ideas in everything she does. Learn more:


In this video, she goes carefully into her life and shows a bit about her evening pampering routine to help get her ready and relaxed for bed. You will discover her routine and how you can implement some of what she does into your own life if you choose to. Kim is quite a fun person to watch because she’s so fun and easy to understand. Her way of speaking and sharing is very fun to follow. Kim Dao is going to show you the things that she does like what facial products she uses and things like how she cares for herself. It’s amazing and incredible what Kim is capable of as a YouTuber. You are sure going to love watching this video from her because it’s so unique and easy to follow. You too will start pampering yourself in the same way that she does every night. Learn more:



A Fun Day In Yokohama With Kim Dao

A visit to Yokohama, Japan, for a day of shopping and attending a Pikachu festival are on the agenda for Kim Dao and a friend in a video that was published in August of 2016.


This video begins with Kim Dao arriving at a major transportation and shopping center, where she adorns herself with a bright yellow Pikachu hat and some oversized sunglasses. Learn more:


Some excellent footage of the waterfront area of Yokohama are featured, as are scenes of the crowds of people attending the festival honoring the video game creature.


After checking out different Pikachu-themed displays at a Pokemon merchandise store, Kim Dao and her friend stop at a restaurant where they order some very appetizing-looking sandwiches that are served on sliced, crunchy French-style bread. Learn more:


The outdoor Pikachu festival is the next stop for Kim Dao and her friend. It’s amazing to see the large parade with drill teams, Pikachu shirt-clad marchers holding down giant character balloons, and lots of participants wearing event-themed costumes.


As they continue touring the festival, Kim Dao and her friend encounter character-themed entertainment acts, and they even try fishing for miniature plastic Pikachu dolls from a water-filled swimming pool. Learn more here:


A quick stop at a video game center is followed by attending an outdoor Pikachu concert. This interesting video ends with Kim Dao getting on a train, to go back home.