Bruno Fagali: How To Find The Right Lawyer

If you are on the lookout for a good law firm or lawyer in Brazil, you need to get in touch with Bruno Fagali as soon as possible.

Finding the right lawyer in Brazil is not a difficult process. You can start by getting referrals from relatives, colleagues and friends. You can also check with your area’s Bar Association and ask for help. Lawyers’ directories are also available and can provide the information you need to choose the right lawyer for your situation. Keep in mind, not all law firms or lawyers provide the type of service you need.

Finally, you should choose a lawyer with a good reputation among clients and in the legal community. Make sure that the lawyer choose can easily be reached anytime you need to.

Bruno Fagali is one of the most reputable lawyers in Brazil. For many years, Bruno Fagali has provided excellent legal services to clients from a wide variety of industries. Bruno Fagali has great expertise in administrative law, compliance, urban law and regulatory law. He advises and represents big companies, entrepreneurs, corporations and individuals.

Bruno Fagali is an excellent communicator, with expertise in oral argument, and he is a strong writer as well. Bruno Fagali has mastered the art of written and oral persuasion and has powerful courtroom techniques. Bruno Fagali also has great negotiation skills and is well versed in drafting contracts as well as transactional documents. Bruno Fagali speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.


Understanding the Requirement of an Executive Headhunter with Julie Zuckerberg

An executive recruiter plays a very vital role in the provision of great managerial and executive staff. Executive recruiters have the experience it takes to identify great candidates, to fit a particular executive position. They are usually learned professionals who usually have experience of not less than 5 years in the recruitment industry. By this time, they have known the dos and don’ts of getting great talent.


When an executive recruiter first receives their contract, theirs is to study the position to be filled. After an extensive research, they will come up with a job description for skills and responsibilities of the personnel that will take that position. The job description is used during interviews. It dictates whether a candidate is suitable for that position or not.


An executive headhunter will start the recruitment process by getting resumes from their contacts of from the firm’s contacts. If they don’t find any suitable candidates they can hunt them from other companies and assure them of higher job satisfaction. This is the reason why they are known as headhunters.


Being in the executive recruitment profession, there are certain skills that you need to possess. You need to have excellent communication and negotiation skills. You also need to understand labor laws and be an expert in training and coaching. Reading and writing skills will also come in handy. And you need to be able to understand the human psychology. Getting yourself a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource or a related field is one step to becoming a great executive recruiter. After that, it is pretty much your hard work that will get where you want.


If you would like to pursue a career in executive recruitment, it is important that you understand the various challenges that you might be faced with. For example, it is a known fact that executive recruiters are well-paid. However, you have to be ready to start somewhere. Besides, it is with experience that you will start to build a reputation and trust. Therefore, winning over the big league clients.


About Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is a great example of executive headhunters based in New York. She currently works at Deutsche Bank. She started working here in the year 2015, after leaving New York Life Insurance Company. When she first came to work at the bank, she was the talent recruitment lead and the vice president of the bank. Her bosses saw how diligently she carried out her task and within no time she got a promotion to be executive talent recruitment lead.


Aside from Deutsche Bank, Julie Zuckerberg has worked for various companies, assuming the role of recruiter. Her career started at Hudson where she was the Candidates placement Director. She would oversee the recruitment of paralegals and lawyers for various law firms. She also worked closely with financial institutions, mostly banks, helping them acquire the right talent. In the year 2007, she left the company and joined the Citi team, immediately becoming the corporate vice president and executive recruiter.



Insurance Battle Heads To Court As Bruce Levenson Tries To End His Ties With The Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment Group sold the historic NBA franchise to another consortium headed by Forbes billionaire technology executive Tony Ressler in June 2015; unfortunately for former owner Bruce Levenson an insurance claim has dragged on for more than a year between his consortium and the New Hampshire based insurance giant AIG. Bruce Levenson has employed attorneys in a bid to draw the unfortunate series of events to a close as legal papers filed on his behalf explain the insurance company has so far refused to respond to attempts to discuss the situation.

Since the sale of the Hawks franchise Bruce Levenson has looked to extend his philanthropic work by a great deal, including his continued support for the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at The University of Maryland he and wife Karen helped establish. The Chevy Chase native has dedicated much of his work to transforming the local community for people in Maryland and Washington D.C.

It seems Bruce Levenson has always been looking to support many different forms of philanthropic groups, including a commitment to the U.S. Holocaust Museum that was made while the UCG founder was still the owner of the Hawks. The Levenson family still support a number of educational programs operated by the U.S. Holocaust Museum and went so far as to take the players, coaches, and staff of the Hawks to the museum in a bid to raise its profile among younger people.

The mutual termination of the contract of former Atlanta Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry came after certain claims made by the official triggered the AIG held insurance policy covering workplace actions. Levenson’s lawyers believe AIG agreed the policy had been triggered while the ownership group were still in control of the franchise and are hoping to win all financial payouts owed and a 50 percent penalty made against AIG.

Need an Event Planner? Here’s where to start.

If you’re looking to hire an event planner, these are some steps you should follow. First, think about what your event objective is. It’s important to know why you are holding the event to better help you and the planner to be on the same page. Next, ask yourself why you want to hire an event planner. Determine the role you expect your event planner to partake in your event.


Once you have that figured out, began estimating your budget. After brainstorming those questions, you can begin your search for a qualified event planner.

One of the most highly reputable event planning companies New York is Twenty Three Layers.

The event planners NYC, Twenty Three layers is a full-service event planning and design firm. The company is dedicated to delivering you an unforgettable event. They emphasize a “worry-free, fun and unmatched experience”, ensuring that they always provide top notch customer satisfaction.


From venue selection to catering and all the way down to the entertainment. Need an event planner for your wedding? Twenty Three Layers offers high-quality photography. Do you have your own brand? They can help with that also. They also offer floral design, lighting, production, fabrication, custom printing and styling. They even host workshops!


Their clients are raving about the great service they have received. One client said, “There’s no limit to their creativity.” Another client says The Twenty Three Layers team created the most beautiful and memorable bridal shower she’s ever attended. Are you still not convinced? Take a look at their website and search through the gallery and testimonials.